Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a southbound exit ramp being considered at Interchange 83?

Several deficiencies exist that warrant the addition of an interchange between Interchange 89 in Lakewood and Interchange 82 in Toms River. These include the following:

  • The local road system between GSP Interchanges 82 (at Route 37) and 89 (at Route 70) is congested due to the lack of access to and from the GSP from Indian Head Road, Old Freehold Road, or Church Road.
  • There is no exit from the Garden State Parkway (GSP) southbound at the existing Interchange 83. All other movements are provided.
  • Congestion at the nearby intersection of Lakewood Road (Route 9/166) and Indian Head Road (CR 571) compromises safety at that intersection.

It is desirable to complete an interchange (provide the one missing movement) rather than introducing a new partial interchange.  The existing roadways that cross the Garden State Parkway between Interchanges 82 and 89 do not have sufficient capacity to accommodate the additional traffic volume that may be introduced by the addition of a new exit ramp.

What is the schedule?

The following is the anticipated schedule.

  • Local Concept Development  (LCD): Completed 2016
  • Local Preliminary Engineering (LPE): 2020-2022
  • Final Design / Right-of-Way: 2022-2024 (tentative)
  • Construction Phase: 2025 – 2026 (tentative)

Have the project's improvements been determined?

During Local Concept Development, the Preliminary Preferred Alternative (PPA) was selected through an Alternatives Analysis Study. During Local Preliminary Engineering, the PPA will be refined, and the Approved Project Plan will be confirmed and advance to Final Design. PROVIDE LINK TO PPA

How much will it cost and who will pay for it?

The estimated construction cost of this project is $6.2 Million (in 2020 Dollars). During preliminary and final design, right of way and construction costs will be updated to reflect escalation of construction, material, and right-of-way costs. The project is being advanced through the NJPTA’s Local Capital Project Delivery Program and is eligible for Federal Funding. Federal funding is used for final design, right-of-way acquisitions, and construction.

What are the environmental elements?

Environmental studies include noise and air quality, freshwater wetlands, threatened and endangered species, Stormwater Management, acid-producing soils, hazardous materials, archeology, historic buildings or structures, and socioeconomic concerns.

How will the community be involved in this project?

The NJTPA is committed to have an active, continuous public and community outreach effort on this project. Local municipalities will have the opportunity to participate in Local Officials’ Briefings and Public Information Center meetings hosted by the County to share information about the project and to obtain community input.

Who are the project stakeholders?

Project stakeholders will include elected officials, community leaders, property owners, members of the public, local businesses, Toms River Board of Education, the New Jersey Turnpike Authority, neighborhood associations, and civic and cultural groups.

How can I stay informed or offer suggestions?

You may:

  • Check this Web site regularly for updated information
  • Attend Public Information Centers
  • Complete the form to be placed on the project mailing list.