Community Outreach

Community participation is an important part of the NEPA process and is a critical element in the successful implementation of the project.  

During the Local Concept Development Phase, the project was presented to Local Officials, Project Stakeholders, and the Public at a series of community meetings.  Both Toms River Township and the Ocean County Commissioners provided Resolutions of Support for the project.

The project has advanced to the second stage of the Local Project Delivery Process and is now in Local Preliminary Engineering. The project team will continue to work with the Local Officials, Project Stakeholders, and the community to reconfirm support for the project and share information with the project’s stakeholders as the design develops.

The following activities are anticipated:

  • Continue to hold Public Outreach Sessions (meetings may be held either Virtually or In-Person depending upon ongoing COVID-19 concerns).
  • Expand upon the project website to facilitate the dissemination of project information. Update website to post meeting notifications and project updates.
  • Continue to encourage community input on the project.

Planned Outreach Activities

The study team is committed to developing transportation improvements that best balance transportation needs, the environment, community concerns and cost.

Meeting Time-frame Agenda
Public Outreach Center
  • Project Description
  • Key Project Features
  • Project Schedule
  • Estimated Construction Costs
  • Provide YOUR Feedback

Ways to Get Involved

  • Check this website regularly for updated information
  • Submit feedback through the public comment form or contact the project team directly
  • Attend Public Information Center meetings

Questions, Comments or Suggestions

We encourage community members to voice their concerns and contribute suggestions to the study team. For questions or comments, please fill in the public comment form, take our Community Stakeholder Survey or contact the study team directly.

Community involvement is a vital part of the project. We encourage you to follow and provide input on improvements to the bridge as an important transportation link for the local communities and the region.

The County of Morris in cooperation with NJTPA and NJDOT recognize that community participation is an integral part of all stages of projects. A Public Action Plan (PAP) was developed for the project as a framework to accomplish open, proactive and productive community and stakeholder discussions. Local officials, community stakeholders, agency representatives, and the general public will have an opportunity to provide comments and questions for consideration throughout the project development process. Our community outreach strategies include the following:

  • Host outreach meetings including local officials briefings, community stakeholder meetings, and public information centers
  • Communicate meeting announcement alerts and project information through social media and mailings
  • Provide regular updates to the project website, including study progress reports and other outreach materials
  • Work with elected officials, local governments, first-responders, and the media
  • Address inquiries from interested parties